The Penny Dragon / El dragón de los peniques

Lawrence Schimel



Author: Lawrence Schimel
Illustrator: Miguel Ángel Úbeda
English-Spanish Translator: Lawrence Schimel


On her way home, Penny finds a penny next to the Wishing Well. She loves finding them, especially, if they are heads up. They bring much more good fortune! However, when Penny tries to drop the penny into her pocket, among the bushes, a little dragon appears claiming for it. Both of them claim this is theirs, both wish this. How will Penny settle this issue?


Lawrence Schimel provides an interesting story in which the best effects of collaboration and ingenuity appear. Little Penny successfully settles an unexpected situation not free from conflict, as the property of the penny just found is up in the air. Penny and the little dragon wish this; only a correct solution will fit both characters and demonstrate the reader that understanding each other is possible if intelligence and will come together when looking for a mutual benefit. Originally written in English, the story by Lawrence Schimel raises interest out of the conflict, conveys the reader an uncertainty not lacking from funny moments, especially, those presenting an extraordinary dragon, innocent and fearful, unable to defend his most valuable possession; who, far from shooing Penny, makes her feel a positive emotion for collaboration. Illustrations by Miguel Angel Ubeda, with an accurate line and a fully detailed characterisation, give authenticity of the lucky find Schimel proposes.

Data seet

  • Original language: English
  • Bilingual English-Spanish publication
  • Size: 31 x 28 x 1 cm.
  • 13 one-ink sheets coloured by hand
  • No. of pages: 15
  • ISBN: 978-84-16059-10-2
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