Dancing Cowboy / El cowboy bailarín

Lawrence Schimel



Author: Lawrence Schimel
Illustrator: Arturo Rojo
English-Spanish Translator: Lawrence Schimel


Little Justin visits uncle Roger’s ranch. Cowboys like kidding and eating ears of corn and beans and hot dogs. All sing and dance at night, after putting cows away in the barn. Justin wants to kid and dance like them. When Justin put a pair of magic boots on, his feet start to dance fabulously. But dancing as a cowboy will not be as funny as Justin thinks.


With a big smile in their face, readers will end this funny story that Lawrence Schimel, author and translator of children texts, sets in the American West. Although he was born in New York, Schimel evokes by a simple, but accurate writing the customs and tastes of cowboys in the Far West, famous thanks to the American cinema. Justin represents the admiration these characters arouse among children and adults throughout the world. This restless boy, fan of cowboys will be a character with which little readers will easily feel identified. With him, they will go through the same passion for adventure, his want to join, hat included, the dance cowboys perform after finishing their work under the moonlight. Notwithstanding, the realism Schimel guides us through the story will be broken by the finding of the magic boots which Justin, enchanted by their shiny look, do not hesitate to put on. This finding would have fulfilled little Justin’s wish, but the author cuts short the character’s luck and guides us to an unexpected ending by which little readers will understand nothing is what it seems to be, that every lucky strike involves unexpected consequences. Whatever it happens, no one should lose the smile; quite the opposite, get ready to enjoy a funny ending before extinguishing the camp fire and go to bed.

Data seet

  • Original language: English
  • Bilingual English-Spanish publication
  • Size: 31 x 28 x 1 cm.
  • 15 one-ink sheets coloured by hand
  • No. of pages: 17
  • ISBN: 978-84-16059-07-2
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