Hand-colouring. Different pages, unique tales.


Different pages, unique tales

Cuentos del Picogordo’s books feature hand-colouring in most of their pages. In one or two colours, the hand-inking activities enrich the black and white illustrations, strengthen the visual layout of the page and reinforce the text meaning by a unique source of aesthetic value.

The different pages making up any of our books are coloured by a single person, member of a more than 20 illustrators team. All of them are members of the ASPRODIQ Occupational Workshop, who achieve pieces of valuable art richness by a personal and free line hand-colouring. The ultimate result of this process lies in every model and every illustrated page being different from the rest of the printed publication.

The inking team gathers people with different levels of intellectual disability, whose unequal and honest care produces unique illustrations, gifted with an incomparable expressive strength, higher than that resulting from a mechanical colouring. Even disability-related hesitation and mistakes with which the colouring authors are faced during their task are transformed into a gorgeous example of expressiveness and art value, able to address children and young readers’ sensitivity to upper levels of aesthetic assessment.

Moreover, the different hand-colouring tasks provide the people in charge with a training, as well as satisfying activity, out of which arises useful therapeutic and emotional benefits for their physical and psychological development:

  • motor learning
  • commitment reinforcement
  • emotional relaxation and control
  • assuming tasks and responsibilities