Fiction and aesthetic. A tale collection to exercise reading of different languages

Fiction and aesthetic

A tale collection to exercise reading of different languages

Our publications portfolio offers the public a collection of children tales which, based on the reading as a necessary tool for a full cognitive progress, teach the reader the use of complex shapes, the acquisition of manifold languages, the interpretation of senses, the perception of the book´s global reality as a physical object and, at the same time, as a support for fiction.

This readers’ teaching only takes effect if children and youngsters provide in return their commitment to take care of the book, a responsible and careful use for the physical components laid out, granted by the acquisition of especially beneficial habits at early ages. The selection of pictures and graphic resources, literary texts, formats, materials and design solutions introduces the youngest readers into new reading experiences, making them closer to the adult life complexity and getting them ready for the intellectual challenge of the aesthetic experience.

Cuentos del Picogordo makes books in unusual formats and productions aiming at supplementing the experience that traditional publications involve in those children and youngsters using the reading as a tool for learning and leisure. In order to do so, each of our books redesigns its traditional set-up and offers a new reading unit designed for the reader to distinguish the elements making up the book as a physical object: the text, the image, the material components and the relations arising of the interaction of these many parts.

Cuentos del Picogordo’s books offer children and young readers an innovative reading experience, highlighting the book traditional virtues and values as an intellectual training tool for the person.