Better together. Your children like reading with you.

Better together

Your children like reading with you

Guide them through an unforgettable life experience

Cuentos del Picogordo’s books are especially suitable to guide the children’s reading. The advantages are many and well proved for children when reading together, both for the consolidation of cognitive functions and the fulfilment of emotional demands associated with their age. Whoever reads with and for their children deeply knows the complicity and bond resulting from sharing reading moments.

We recommend parents and tutors to highlight children readers the main features of Cuentos del Picogordo’s books:

The colouring by hand as a physical feature of uniqueness.

None of Cuentos del Picogordo’s books are similar to another. Due to the hand-colouring process, each tale is unrepeatable. Children may begin to appreciate the value of a unique work and feel responsible owners of such an object. The adult must reinforce this uniqueness value, so rare today in the market.

Pages as an observation exercise.

The inking activities, more or less accurately produced, create colour finishing worthy to observe. The appreciation of different strokes and tonality imbuing each page is the first step to the aesthetic sensitivity development. The adult should highlight and show those spaces in which colours create an outstanding effect.

Book as a reason for a solidary project.

It is recommended to remind the children the value intellectual disabled people add to their tales, as well as the chance to work for these people when purchasing these tales. Picogordo’s books help the adult to instil the little reader a behaviour fitting the solidarity and respect for others principles, especially for those who are different from them.