Beneficial alliance. Special books, solidary books.

Beneficial alliance

Special books, solidary books

Disabled people enrich readers’ experience

Being supported by the members of the Occupational Workshop, the collaboration between Cuentos del Picogordo and ASPRODIQ generates a beneficial business alliance whose profitability exceeds the economic level and guide the books production to a beneficial social level.

There are not many the working opportunities society provides to people with certain levels of intellectual disability. However, these people efficiency is proved in many contexts, in specific working activities, those in which non-disabled people specifically fail. Due to the type of job to be done, the books colouring by hand is one of these activities, a chance for human and professional development suitable for intellectual disabled people, the results of which are worthy to be considered successful and suitable for a commercial purpose.

The experience gathered by Picogordo and ASPRODIQ proves that tales colouring promotes a responsible behaviour among the Occupational Workshop members, being organised from the very first moment as an example of interest, implementing capabilities directly associated with skill, care and personal commitment to a well-done job.

We have also provided a beneficial support for our readers. The collaboration by disabled people in the hand-colouring of our books implies a proof of creating uniqueness. The latter, as an element aiming at educating in sensitivity and knowledge, is made available for the youngest readers, to whom Cuentos del Picogordo and ASPRODIQ dedicate their books, and who someday will make part of the future society, for them to grow with a sincere appreciation of the real value the intellectual disability gathers.