Antón Grifá

Avila, 1982. Designer and draughtsman. He works nowadays for Kompass magazine. He makes his début as a children illustrator at this publishing house.

Nives Marinovic

La carrera profesional de Nives Marinovic comienza en 1988, tras estudiar Bellas Artes en la Universidad de Zagreb. Inicialmente trabajó en publicidad como dibujante y fotógrafa. Es ilustradora independiente desde 2004. Desde entonces su trabajo se ha concentrado en varias novelas gráficas para prestigiosas editoriales europeas, alguna de las cuales ha sido nominada para los premios del Salón del Comic de Angouleme. Recientemente se incorporó a la ilustración para el público infantil y juvenil. El primer álbum ilustrado de Nives Marinovic, «Nubes de corcho», se publicó en 2012.
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Siete toneles

Iván Redueño

Graduate in Fine Arts (Madrid, 2001). He took studies on Digital Animation and Art at the EMCA (Professional School for Animation Cinema) in Angouleme (2004). His first professional work was for Pixar Animation Studios, collaborating in the designers’ team implementing the characterisation of the EVA robot in the WALL-E film and that of the character Alfredo Linguini in Ratatouille. From 2011, he works as a freelance illustrator for different American publishing companies. Resides in San Francisco (USA).

Arturo Rojo

Draughtsman and illustrator with a diverse curriculum of works and projects started at an early age, when he already begins to use a line and composition style he will stay loyal to during his extensive creating activity. His graphic language, influenced by the American and British comic from the second half of the 20th century, has fitted into different independent publications and magazines of cultural and music content. He has also taken part in the field of advertising illustration, the graffiti, the great format design and, of course, the comic. From the 80’s, he maintains a constant art activity focused on the handling of the acrylic and other mixed techniques. Nowadays, he combines the graphic illustration with the photo report. He is a creator of images that, without disregarding resources from the abstraction and surrealism, convey a lively expressive capacity to his works. In this sense, his line, educated in manifold techniques (pencil sketch, ink, wax, watercolour, etc.) provides the reader and the spectator a drawing full of fresh and genuine nuances, provided with a great originality and communication capacity.
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Albino Torres

Plastic artist and illustrator. He has showed his work in different individual and group exhibitions; he has also illustrated children and poetry books. With regards to this plastic works, the expressive potential is achieved through an accurate and detailed style, as an attentive observer of reality. Conversely, his work as an illustrator is defined by images which may incorporate symbolic elements, sometimes stated in scenarios not lacking from fantasy.
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Miguel Ángel Úbeda

Toledo, 1977 (as the legend goes, instead of a silver spoon in his mouth, he was born with a pencil). Illustrator, concept art designer and comic writer. Trained at the School of Arts of Toledo, where he got the qualification in Higher Technician in Illustration and Graphic Arts, although he prefers to be considered just as a draughtsman. He has worked as an illustrator and concept designer for the Government of Toledo, companies and design studios. He has also carried out different concept design projects; and as a full author, he has produced a science-fiction serial comic. Nowadays, he works on a joint creation of a cards game.