Antía Edras

Children therapist and Special Education teacher in Castroverde (Lugo), where she was born in 1951. She writes since she was thirteen: poems in prose, collection of love and war letters, specialist articles in Infant Education and stories for the youngest readers. Her literary works, all of them short stories, gather in very few paragraphs, daily situations conveying the reader ambiguous and unexpected conclusions. In 2001, the author established the “O vagon” animation group, which tours schools and libraries to tell and dramatise tales for different audiences.

Cleto Lavilla

Madrid, 1946. Engineer, diplomat and writer. A multifaceted personality having worked in very diverse professional areas, such as the steel and concrete structures design for underground sites, the management of development programmes based on sustainable forestry exploitation (Eastern Africa) and the drafting of geo-political analysis articles for the international press (Le Temps, The Guardian, Die Welt, Global Times). Nowadays, he is a Hydraulics professor at the Federal Polytechnics School in Lausanne. His tales of historic content for young readers, created together with the International Storytellers Association have been translated into several languages.

Khee Kah López

Born in Kuala Lumpur (1988), of Colombian nationality. Residing in Seville. Graduate in Social Sciences by the National University of Colombia. She has made children poetry and literature since her early age and developed animation tasks in cultural associations in Andalusia. In 2010, she published the poem collection “Redentoria de Sumapaz” with the Colombian publishing house, Papeluya. Author of the “Vidrios negros en la ventana”, (“Black glasses in the window”), “Caracoles, caracoles”, (“Snails, snails”) and “Estrella de hielo” (“Iced star”).
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Georgette Ménard

Graduate in Romanesque Literature by the University of Rennes. She has written several children books. Nowadays, she works as a deputy director for Publishing Programming at the renowned firm Pissenlit Livre, in which she has published more than a hundred books. In 2005, she was awarded with the Prix Rossignol for her book Nuages de mousse (Foam clouds).
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Clara Ortega

Teacher of Hearing and Language, boasting a long experience in personal teaching. Her training is completed specialising in Pedagogy and Social and Cultural Activities, especially in Reading animation. Never leaving behind the poetry genre, she devotes a great part of her writing activity to draft tales and illustrated albums. In 2013, she published the poems book “Las siete estaciones” (“The seven seasons”); and in 2015, she presented her last humour book “Dame pan y díme tonto”, (“Give me bread and call me fool”) dedicated to her home town, in the Castilla-La-Mancha library.
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Lawrence Schimel

Lawrence Schimel (New York, 1971) resides in Madrid since 1999 where he works as a translator from Spanish into English. He is also an author, both in English and Spanish, and has published more than 100 books as an author or a compiler, such as: “¡Vamos a ver a papá!” (“Come on, dad!”) (Ekaré), “Just Like Them” (Ediciones del Viento publishing house; selected by IBBY for Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities 2013), “No hay nada como el original” (“Nothing like the original one”) (Destino; selected for the White Ravens 2005) or “¿Lees un libro conmigo?”, “You read a book with me?” (Panamericana; selected by IBBY for Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities 2007).