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Asociación Pro Personas con Discapacidad de Quintanar de la Orden y Comarca

Collaboration with ASPRODIQ ccreates a new way of doing and understanding publishing. The work of those colouring Cuentos del Picogordo’s books enriches the publishing offer with a proposal impossible to accomplish by the means available nowadays in the graphical industry. The contribution of intellectual disabled people and that of the staff responsible for their training replaces high-performance technology by a delicate contribution of sensitivity, appreciation and aesthetic value.

Thanks to the complicity of the therapists and trainers team in charge of the ASPRODIQ Occupational Workshop, the reader enjoys of a unique publication format. Different disability levels generate uneven graphic results, every one different to another. The colouring by disabled people is made in alternate working and break sessions, as an entertainment and skilful activity integrated in the set of occupational activities, far from scheduled working times.

The relationship between ASPRODIQ and the publishing house provides beneficial results in two ways: on the one hand, the reader enjoys every book of a unique publication; on the other hand, disabled people exercise beneficial tasks for their development and functions of an economic value for the society as a whole.

Nowadays, ASPRODIQ is considered a public interest association gathering more than 200 users and students. Since its foundation in 1973, it is a non-for-profit association serving at the prevention and treatment of developmental alterations, as well as the personal assistance of people with different capabilities, prioritising functional learning in order to improve their quality of life and that of their families. In the daily routine, the Association demonstrates that intellectual disabled people improve themselves thanks to other capabilities, share emotions and issues, strive for work inclusion not excluding their right to leisure and social relation.

ASPRODIQ counts on a work team made up by specialists in different education and professional areas, whose scope is focused in assisting people presenting uneven levels of personal development. The association is a member of the PLENA INCLUSION ALLIANCE SPAIN.

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